Update 2014

Hi, these days I write under the name Josephine McCarthy (Magical Knowledge series, Magic of the North Gate etc) and my current work can be viewed at http://www.theinnerlibrary.org/.

At the time I created my first website (1999-2000) I worked under the name Josephine Stewart; my surname reverted back to my maiden name of Dunne when I got divorced.

This original website (archived - HERE) was living at the address innerconvocation.com in 2000 and when I left California and moved across country that domain address was taken up by my ex husband. When I decided to put my site up again, it was improved and updated, and moved it to innerconvocation.org. My ex husband subsequently bought up most of the other possible web addresses containing the words "inner convocation"

He eventually also gained innerconvocation.org.

Recently I found this current address, innerconvocation.co which has enabled me to restore this site once more. Sadly, even after 14 years the difficult situation continues and the details can be viewed at http://emettruth.weebly.com/

This website is an interesting archive view of the work I had undertaken, some alone, and some along with my then partner, during the 1990’s. It offers my current readers a view into the past, to see the roots of my work that have developed into the books I now publish today. This site mainly contains visions that can be used by visionary magicians, and although I have moved on and developed since that time, the work presented through this website still has valid use to magicians working and experimenting in occult vision work today. Hopefully my writing has also improved!

Best wishes,

Josephine McCarthy

Inner Convocation

The Inner Convocation school of Visionary Magic is a learning resource for those on the path of Magical or Mystical studies. The visions on this site provide tools and insights to those who wish to delve deeper into the mysteries. The visions are here to get you on the right path.

There is no club to join, no ‘special teachers’, and no hierarchy of learning. There are no high ( or low) priestesses/priests and no signing of ‘secrecy contracts’, or any other new age ‘lets pretend we are terribly important’ things like that.

I do teach workshops occasionally around the USA and I do encourage people who are studying/working at the workshops to keep contact with each other in an informal network of co workers and friends.

This work is simply about discovery, hard work, ethics, service and self awareness.
The only thing that does happen within this loose structure is the sacred consecration. This is for people who have spent time studying and working on this path and who are in a place in their lives where they are ready for deeper and more profound connections with the inner worlds. The consecration is a tying in with the Inner Temples, deepening the contacts and connecting to the timeless stream of priests and priestesses who have gone before you.

The consecrated priest/priestesses do gather with me on occasions to do deeper inner work which is not so much about learning, but about service to the inner worlds and the outer world in which we live.

Best wishes, Josephine Dunne

About the Sigil - The Symbol of the Goddess

I came across this symbol many years ago in a vision, where it was handed to me to be used as a key for my work. I have never tried to analyze what it is or what it means, rather I have just worked with it as a consciousness in its own right.

Recently a friend sent me an 18th century Rosicrucian diagram of the symbol which was used by J. Bohme in their book: Wunderauge der Ewigkeit.

Here is an excerpt of text on the symbolism of the High Priestess by Kerry A. Shirts, using the Rosicrucian diagram.

“Notice the fascinating correlations here. On the left is the world of darkness, as on the left is the dark pillar B in the Tarot. This is when the eye of wonder enters nature. Now on the right is the world of light when the Divine Mystery has passed through the fire and dwells in majestic light. Notice the heart at the center of the cross directly in the middle of the spheres. The heart is at the same place the heart of the High priestess is in the Tarot Card, which, indeed, has the cross! This illustration from J. Bohme’s Wunderauge der Ewigkeit”
Source - http://www2.ida.net/graphics/shirtail/tarot.htm



I would like to thank the following people for their friendship and help in ensuring that the work continues: Gigi Brigette, Ami Ambha, Toni Paris, Chris Cleaver, Peggy Brewster, June Turner Tenney, Joann Keesey, Betty Widerski, Margie Mcarthur, Gabrielle Laney-Andrews, Calvin Morigeau, Chris Giroux..... and finally thanks to Coolostpoh Chalowain, and Tou'piah Woodcock for their medicine teachings, protections and great songs!

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